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Another Startup Weekend!

We’ve received another special request for designers at startup weekend. If you haven’t gone, you really should. It’s a great change of pace from the normal weekend activity, with no strings attached. From my young designer perspective, it wasn’t just a great place to practice, but rather it helped me gain a better understanding of my value proposition to business and tech people. For me, that has been invaluable as I’ve continued my career. For more information… Continue reading


Startup Weekend Health Philadelphia

We recently received an email from a Melissa Morris Iovine, a guest speaker at our Creative/Startups event. Apparently there is a new startup weekend coming in June that is to be focused on health and she has a special request for designers. See below:

Startup Weekend Health Philadelphia ( will be taking place June 1–3, 2012! In case you haven’t heard of Startup Weekend (, the premise is to spend 54 hours working on a team to create and launch a web or mobile application which could, in essence, be a credible business startup, in this particular case healthcare-related. No talk, all action.

It’s an intense and invigorating experience. If you have an idea, you can pitch one and then form a team to work for the weekend. Or you can join an idea that you find interesting. Over 54 hours, you get to see what goes into launching a startup and then the projects get pitched to a panel of judges.

One issue that most Startup Weekends face is a lack of designers, which is hard to believe because it is such a great opportunity. Because there are so few, they are in high demand. You get to brand an entire entity, which is great portfolio work. And the teams that come out on top are usually the ones with some good design behind them. This event is all about learning and collaborating, and you will leave feeling valuable, appreciated, and confident.

For more details regarding the role of design at Startup Weekend, please check out this blog post:

The early bird deadline is May 11th, so sign up soon! For a coupon code to the event, email
Hope to see you there!


Looking to exercise your creative chops and create impact in the business world? Looking for a designer to help you create compelling products and experiences that customers adore? Look no further.

This first-of-its-kind event will bring together businesses serious about hiring designers, and creatives serious about finding a foothold in the world of tech startups and emerging growth companies. Attendees from selected companies will have the opportunity to spend 3 minutes with each of 25 selected designers including a view of their portfolios and a high-level view of where their skills can be applied.

Applications will be open to any interested designers and companies. Attendees will be selected based on their commitment to hiring/joining and making the most of the capacity-limited event.

Businesses Apply Here

Designers Apply Here


Where: Venturef0rth, 417 North 8th Street, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia PA 19123

When: Wednesday, 4/18, 6-8pm


3/28 Applications open

4/11 Applications close

4/13 Notifications to selected designers and businesses

4/18 The Event

Brought to you by Philly Tech Meetup,  Venturef0rth and us!


the poster:

Effective Communication

If you were able to make it to the Startups for Creatives event last night at VentureF0rth, I’m sure you would agree with me saying that it was an awesome opportunity and a chance to engage some great members of the community. For those who couldn’t make it, or have no idea what I’m talking about, the event (co-hosted by VentureF0rth, Philly Tech Meetup, and the BDQ) was the first in a series designed to better integrate the philadelphia design community with the philadelphia entrepreneurial community. Specifically, this first event was run with the goal of educating designers about the value that they bring to startups and with the help of some kick-ass, designer/entrepreneur panelists (special thanks to @chuise, @OperationNICE, @wells_jake, and @ptribal) about what the startup experience is like of designers.

So without further ado, my take-aways (by profession). Continue reading


Philly Tech MeetupVenturef0rth and us, are organizing a series of events designed to match designers and startups, creating opportunities for internships and jobs. We are very excited to bring you this opportunity.

This first event will give designers/creatives more insight into how they can fit into the local startup ecosystem, particularly for those with an eye towards internships and employment as summer approaches. We want to help new designers understand the value they can bring to startups and what they should expect in return.

[6:00] Networking + Drinks
[6:30] Intro to Startups

  • What is a startup?
  • Why work at a startup?
  • What do startups need from the creative sector?
  • Co-founding a startup
    • Finding a team
    • Ownership structure
  • Joining a startup
    • Vetting the company
    • Understanding compensation

[7:00] Designers’ Lessons Learned

[7:45] Q&A

If you’re a designer and want to attend, RSVP here:

Happy Hour at Smokin’ Betty’s

We had an awesome time at Smokin’ Betty’s this past weekend. We held an impromptu happy hour to prep for Temples Design Challenge they are having right now!

There were a lot of new faces and perspectives there. It was great talking with everyone and hearing about their programs and thoughts about business and urban development, as well as what their expectations for the upcoming Design Challenge were. I am curious to see what the outcomes of the challenge are, maybe tonight at Ignite Philly even.

Design Philadelphia

This is a huge event. It is supposedly the largest of its type in the world. If you don’t go you’ll be kicking yourself. Many places have free drinks, if that will motivate you. Otherwise go and meet designers, and artists, participate in events and  open your mind to some crazy awesome stuff.

It kicked off last night and lasts for 10 days so you still have plenty of time. You may come across books with listings of the events, but the website has it all and will be more up to date as well.

Say “Hi!” if you see us around. We are always interested in a good conversation.

Ignite Philly 8

Another post that I’ve been sitting on for few days is a rundown of theIgnite Philly 8 event last Thursday. First off, for those that haven’t had a chance to see one yet, it was an energizing and great event. Admittedly, last Thursday was my first time attending an Ignite so my experience might not be representative of all the Ignite shows, but from what I’ve seen online, the quality looks to be consistently high.

Ignite works great not only as a show case for several great startups including StartupCorpsand Wash Cycle Laundry, but also a chance for the community gather and jabber excitedly about the ideas we’ve been kicking around in our heads.

Interestingly, one of my favorite decks from the evening was presented by a talented young lady with little interest in profits, running lean, or term sheets. Operation Nice is about spontaneous acts of kindness and on a more visceral level, about making you feel good. Melissa did a great job of presenting and I couldn’t help but think that there was something special about the mission she set out to achieve. In truth, what Melissa captured in her presentation is what made the event as a whole such a blast. The intensity of the 5 minute pitch, the tight-packed / beer-laden crowd, and the shared enthusiasm seemed to refreshingly avoid all the parts of a pitch that you usually don’t care about. Instead, the atmosphere was all about genuine emotion.

Of course, the next step for Ignite and the multitude of similar startup get togethers is inciting action. This is something that is on the forefront of the team at the BDQ. Now that we’re starting to see the community solidify, how we move forward really is going to determine whether the project succeeds or flounders.

It is probably worth reiterating that the goal of the BDQ is still focused on being more than just a glorified meet and greet. What got the founders on board and I think was has brought others in is that especially within graduate school, we’re frustrated with our inability to easily engage other young professionals outside our program. Creating the channels of communication, then using the value of a diverse community to make better startups / improve our world is something that I believe is worth getting excited about.

As I’ve mentioned, I’m a firm believer in lean methodology so I don’t mean to imply that we’re at a an all or nothing precipice. What I do want though is to keep the good momentum we’ve got going right now and use it to now move beyond a simple article share. Next meeting is this afternoon, can’t wait.

Open Data Event This Friday

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made it to the first happy hour, I had a blast. I mentioned another event this Friday to a couple people and they suggested I post it on the blog. It’s hosted by another group I’m involved in, The Hacktory, a small organization dedicated to empowering people to use technology for their creative purposes. This Friday from 7-8:30 pm we are hosting a few people who traveled to Germany in August for the Chaos Communication Camp who will be talking about internet freedom, the European hacker scene, and some of the talks they gave which covered Open Data Philly. The Hacktory’s located at 1524 Brandywine, just north of Spring Garden. Technically Philly also covered the event, so we’re expecting a good turnout. You might want to check out our classes too while you’re at it!

Happy Hour Success!

Our happy hour tonight was a success. Somewhat of a soft debut, we managed to get 20 or so Grad Design and Business students from UArts and Temple together tonight at Milkboy for some great conversations. Everyone seemed really excited and had a great time. I think a lot of good impressions and connections were made tonight. I’m looking forward to continuing the development of The B.D.Q. to support these connections and maintain this momentum!