We are a team of two designers and two MBA students who have found great value in the conversations we engage in daily around entrepreneurship. 

From these conversations we have gained a first-hand perspective on the following:

  • Design has a lot to offer business in terms of strategic thinking, positioning, and developing innovative ideas that meet real needs.
  • Business complements design in terms of competitive strategy, metric-based analysis, and maximizing project benefits.
  • Both disciplines want to form exciting, innovative new businesses, but students from each discipline don’t have enough of a chance to learn from each other in our current educational settings.

The BDQ is meant to be an alternative to our in-class learning, a place to expand this discussion, and a way for our classmates to participate as well. As with any quad on any campus, its a place to meet informally, discuss relevant topics, and (ideally) hatch plans to apply classroom learning to the real world.

To this end the BDQ will also feature a recurring series of events or gatherings for like-minded students who want to learn from each other, eventually compete in business opportunities, and possibly form innovative businesses together.