We’ve received another special request for designers at startup weekend. If you haven’t gone, you really should. It’s a great change of pace from the normal weekend activity, with no strings attached. From my young designer perspective, it wasn’t just a great place to practice, but rather it helped me gain a better understanding of my value proposition to business and tech people. For me, that has been invaluable as I’ve continued my career. For more information…

It’s that time of year! Philadelphia Startup Weekend (PHLSW) will be hosting it’s fourth event on September 28–30, 2012!

Startup Weekend is an intense and invigorating creative event where designers, entrepreneurs, and developers work together to build and launch a startup in 54 hours. Sound crazy? It is! In the best possible way! This video shot at the last PHLSW does a great job of showing what the event is all about.

As a designer who participated in PHLSW last October, I have seen first hand the benefits of attending this event. Here are 5 reasons why designers should participate in PHLSW:

  1. You’re a hot commodity – Because designers are typically outnumbered, every team wants one and values the skills he or she can bring to the table. You’ll be the most popular kid at the dance.
  2. Work with people who have different skill sets — Get experience working on a team of people with complementary expertise. Specifically, a designer and developer can be a deadly duo.
  3. Try something new — This is your chance to work on something completely different. Whether it’s creating an identity, working on some interface mock ups, generating a marketing video, etc., there are numerous opportunities in which designers can get involved.
  4. Make connections — You might walk away with some great contacts and possible future opportunities. A designer who participated at the last PHLSW left with 8 freelance requests.
  5. Get a real world portfolio piece in a weekend — You will help to build an actual product and create a brand from scratch. How often does that opportunity arise?

BONUS REASON: To win! — Nothing quite like a little friendly competition. It’s no surprise that the projects with the best design tend to snag the top three spots at the event, so come out and show us what you got!

For more details about what a designer can expect at PHLSW, check out this post:

The Role of Design in Startup Weekend

And as an extra incentive, use the code ‘designersrock‘ when you check out and receive $40 off the registration price. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at hello@melissaivone.com. I hope to see some of you there!