We recently received an email from a Melissa Morris Iovine, a guest speaker at our Creative/Startups event. Apparently there is a new startup weekend coming in June that is to be focused on health and she has a special request for designers. See below:

Startup Weekend Health Philadelphia (http://healthphl.startupweekend.org/) will be taking place June 1–3, 2012! In case you haven’t heard of Startup Weekend (http://startupweekend.org/), the premise is to spend 54 hours working on a team to create and launch a web or mobile application which could, in essence, be a credible business startup, in this particular case healthcare-related. No talk, all action.

It’s an intense and invigorating experience. If you have an idea, you can pitch one and then form a team to work for the weekend. Or you can join an idea that you find interesting. Over 54 hours, you get to see what goes into launching a startup and then the projects get pitched to a panel of judges.

One issue that most Startup Weekends face is a lack of designers, which is hard to believe because it is such a great opportunity. Because there are so few, they are in high demand. You get to brand an entire entity, which is great portfolio work. And the teams that come out on top are usually the ones with some good design behind them. This event is all about learning and collaborating, and you will leave feeling valuable, appreciated, and confident.

For more details regarding the role of design at Startup Weekend, please check out this blog post: http://philly.startupweekend.org/2012/04/27/the-role-of-design-in-startup-weekend/

The early bird deadline is May 11th, so sign up soon! For a coupon code to the event, email hello@melissaivone.com.
Hope to see you there!