Dom took the initiative to start this post that we have been talking about, let’s get the community to sound off and crack a collective egg of knowledge by sharing our favorite resources (feeds, blogs, books, people, movies, bathroom graffiti). To start things off I’ve got 10 of my favs listed below. – Awesome feed, lot’s of great contributors and a surprising amount of great infographics
Continuations – Like a lot of my feeds I got into this one through a venture capital recommendation. Very techy, but very well written and informative. Tech Tuesdays are killer.
A Smart Bear – Fantastic posts, especially the marketing advice. I’m pretty sure I’m going to write some lengthier posts on James’ internet pricing posts.
Chris Dixon – Startup guy turned VC, Chris is a wealth of knowledge and a great mentor over at TechStars NY.
Instigator Blog – One of the very first VC blogs I started reading is written by one of the founders of an awesome Montreal-based accelerator. Candid, genuine, informative.
Startup Lessons Learned – Probably now on every startups radar, Eric Reis, author of The Lean Startup, has become a religious guru of sorts for startups.
Steve Blank – In the same vein as Eric Reis, Professor Blank has some serious cred in the startup world. Keeping an ear peeled for his posts is definitely worth your while.
Both Sides of the Table – I’m throwing in only two VC feeds although I usually read quite a few. The first coveted spot goes to Mark Suster. No BS. Great advice. Love this guy
Ask the VC – The other goes to Ask the VC. Run by the Foundry Group guys in Boulder, they distill the great info into their feed. I’ve several of my favs through them.
Concurring Opinions – Had to put just one legal blog in here. CO’s is a great place to get the scoop on current legal issues (and my main man, super-prof Dave Hoffman is a regular contributor).
Check it and share your own favorites.