If you were able to make it to the Startups for Creatives event last night at VentureF0rth, I’m sure you would agree with me saying that it was an awesome opportunity and a chance to engage some great members of the community. For those who couldn’t make it, or have no idea what I’m talking about, the event (co-hosted by VentureF0rth, Philly Tech Meetup, and the BDQ) was the first in a series designed to better integrate the philadelphia design community with the philadelphia entrepreneurial community. Specifically, this first event was run with the goal of educating designers about the value that they bring to startups and with the help of some kick-ass, designer/entrepreneur panelists (special thanks to @chuise, @OperationNICE, @wells_jake, and @ptribal) about what the startup experience is like of designers.

So without further ado, my take-aways (by profession).

Designers: Being a part of a startup team is demanding and at times (well, most often actually), less than glamorous. For those that embrace the role of a “doer”, however, it’s a highly rewarding and impactful way to utilize your background. Startups really need you.

Business Types: Doing business boils down to communication. In every single transaction or deal you engage in, you’ve gotta talk, pitch, convince, sell, on-board, deter, educate, or embolden someone. Designers are, among other things, experts in facilitating the effective exchange of information. ie communication. Nuff said.

Everyone: @chuise and @OperationNICE were kind enough to share some of their favorite design resources. I’ve looked through a few of them and they’re great resources for designers and non-design peeps alike. So, look at the links/magazines/events below and get going on a better strategy.

creativemornings.com (F*** You Pay Me in particular https://vimeo.com/22053820)
http://5by5.tv/founderstalk – More startup focused
http://vimeo.com/35395120 (Creatives Mornings Talk with Jenny Lam)

HOW Design
Communication Arts
Fast Company

Upcoming Events:
howdesignlive.com (Melissa says she’s been to six and is speaking at the upcoming one this June in Boston)
aneventapart.com (Melissa hasn’t attended, but is was considering the one in DC this October)
aiga.org/Events/ (AIGA has some national conferences and Melissa heard a rumor that one in 2013 will be in Philly)
aigaphilly.org (There are some good smaller events at the local chapter)