Philly Tech MeetupVenturef0rth and us, are organizing a series of events designed to match designers and startups, creating opportunities for internships and jobs. We are very excited to bring you this opportunity.

This first event will give designers/creatives more insight into how they can fit into the local startup ecosystem, particularly for those with an eye towards internships and employment as summer approaches. We want to help new designers understand the value they can bring to startups and what they should expect in return.

[6:00] Networking + Drinks
[6:30] Intro to Startups

  • What is a startup?
  • Why work at a startup?
  • What do startups need from the creative sector?
  • Co-founding a startup
    • Finding a team
    • Ownership structure
  • Joining a startup
    • Vetting the company
    • Understanding compensation

[7:00] Designers’ Lessons Learned

[7:45] Q&A

If you’re a designer and want to attend, RSVP here: