Trailer – Design The New Business from dthenewb on Vimeo.

Had a chance last week to attend the US premier of a documentary about design thinking, Design the new Business. The film was produced and filmed by students in the Master of Design program at Delft University, The Netherlands, and features many interviews with designers working in the Netherlands or Germany. The film is basically a snapshot of thoughts and comments working professionals have about design being used by business for strategy and new product development. My favorite quote to sum up the movie came in the beginning, which was that today’s world and work is defined by complexity. Everyone understands this, and businesses need to manage that complexity and respond to it to thrive. Designers can provide clarity in the fuzziness that surrounds this complexity, and that’s why they are useful, if not vital to business. Alexander Osterwalder, one of the authors of Business Model Generation was one of the best experts they interviewed.

Unfortunately, I thought the presentation at our particular event was pretty lackluster; the presenter was one of the students who participated in the project, but he couldn’t name an interview that was a favorite, and didn’t even seem to want to talk about the motivations behind making the film. My conclusion: even designers can give boring presentations sometimes. The movie is being screened at special events for the next month, then they will probably make it available for watching in it’s entirety (it’s about 40 min long) so check back on the website for when it’s available.