This website/group/following is at an interesting intersection. We’ve talked a lot so far about how business and design can work together to produce amazing results, referencing just a small bit of the tons and tons of what’s been written about it. We are in a specific location though, talking about these specific things, and sometimes what can be really helpful in that situation is just a list of similar groups, organizations, or events. Below is my list of relevant design, business and tech groups and lists to follow, which I think we will consider putting into a collective calendar or blogroll.

AIGA Philly – Philly chapter of the American Institute of Graphic Arts, they have a lot of design events happening.

Corzo Center at University of the Arts – Offers free lectures and events on entrepreneurship aimed at artists (also my current employer).

Empowerment Group – A nonprofit aiming to spur the economy with entrepreneurship. I found their reading list helpful.

Philly CHI – An Academic/Professional group interested in Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, Usability. A lot of their events fall into the realm of design.

Philly Net Squared – Awesome events the first Tuesday of every month on the social web and how to use it.

Philly New Media Hub – A very helpful collection of technical news and events in and around Philly.

PhillyWorks – A collective of designers, crafters, fabricators, and other people who make and do stuff in Philly.

The Hacktory – My favorite, an organization aiming to empower people to use technology creatively (I’m currently the director).