Okay here’s the skinny, the past month or so I’ve been hearing about this grant 700K awarded to Temple MIS Professor, Youngjin Yoo, “to support a tech startup studio and an urban wireless network.”

For some more background, this piece was written for TechnicallyPhilly in September.

Part of the grant is going toward a project that involves training high school students in design thinking with the goal of having these trained teams enter a the annual design competition in Feburary 2012. For obvious reasons this peaked my interest and I wanted to present it to the BDQ to get your thoughts.

Here’s a short project description that was put together by one of my classmates.

Temple was awarded a grant to create the Urban Apps & Maps platform, a hub for urban digital entrepreneurship. One of the project’s long-term goals is to reach out to local high school students and train them to use Design Inquiry as they explore opportunities to build new apps and eventually start their business. A short-term goal is to have a cohort of high school students trained to participate in the Temple DESIGNweek challenge in mid-February. In order to accomplish this goal, Temple’s Center for Design + Innovation (CD+I) has asked us to partner with them by acting as the primary trainers in this program. CD+I is also working with The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE), an international organization focused on teaching entrepreneurship skills to low-income students, to achieve this goal. 
The tentative structure of the program will be as follows. We will recruit interested and committed Fox graduate students – and hopefuly some partners from the MID program at University of the Arts – to become the Design Inquiry trainers. CD+I will provide us with the curriculum and train our graduate students in the methodology. NFTE will recruit and transport the high school students to and from the training. The workshops will be held in Alter Hall, scheduled at our convenience, and CD+I & NFTE will cover the expenses of the training.

What do you peeps think? If we’re ready to get in on this, I’ve already given the heads up to those involved, but getting some feedback would be informative.